Mobile Patrols

At Security 247 Ltd, our Mobile Security Patrol vehicles enhance our responsiveness and efficiency in safeguarding your property. This service is tailored to businesses of all sizes, ensuring comprehensive protection. Our Security Patrol Officers undergo specialized training, embodying professionalism, intuition, and thoroughness, meeting the high expectations of our clients..

Our vigilant officers are adept at detecting various threats or hazards, ranging from fire and flood risks to gas leaks, unauthorized occupation, and theft. In such situations, they are equipped to promptly address and mitigate any issues, ensuring the utmost security for your premises. Our Mobile Security Patrol Service seamlessly integrates with other security measures you may require, bolstering the overall security posture of your business.

With a wealth of experience and comprehensive knowledge, we have successfully patrolled businesses across a wide array of industries. From office buildings to construction sites, retail parks to warehouses, data centers to hospitals, our expertise spans diverse sectors.

mobile patrols
Our mission is to deliver a premium service round the clock to our clients. Our patrols extend beyond standard hours, including holidays, recognizing that businesses are particularly vulnerable during these times. his is often a time in which businesses are vulnerable, such as by containing a greater financial asset with reduced staff available, serving as a visible deterrent. We are committed to safeguarding your business with unwavering dedication, utilizing every available means to ensure your security and safety, as they are our utmost priority.

Our fully qualified SIA officers serve as a robust, physical, and highly visible deterrent against intruders, significantly reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, and trespassing. At Security 247 Limited, we prioritize professionalism, ensuring that all officers are well-presented in uniforms prominently marked with our branding, while commuting in Security 247 patrol vehicles. Additionally, we offer warning signage directly from our company, strategically installed to further deter unwanted trespassers from engaging in criminal activities.